3 Data Risks Every Business Must Have Covered


Working in a small business often means the whole team have to wear different hats on any given day. Whether sales, finance, IT or even cleaning the office, it can be stressful when you have your general IT services in order and now you have to worry about data breaches and data recovery.

What do the main threats look like?


No longer just a threat to big business, cyber based crime is dramatically increasing and the threat to small business is significant. Data breaches and cyber security attacks can include phishing emails designed to get hold of login information, hacking into databases to retrieve customer data/credit cards and software dropped on your device, network server or desktop designed to lock all files and hold the business ransom with financial demand.

Data loss protection software from Shire IT means you can ignore their financial demands, reduce the risk of being hacked and give you the power against cybercrime, not the other way around.


If a natural disaster should strike (earthquake, cyclone, flood or fire) it can be debilitating for businesses. Even major weather events that cause power to fail or internet connections to go down can cause major dramas for any business.

Should your IT infrastructure or databases become unavailable through your local network, Shire IT can help you retain your access with smart cloud based services. Enabling you to get your business back up and running without worrying about your client and company databases.


We have all been there. The accidental click of a button, strike of a key or an unintentional action can cause entire databases to be thrown into the trash. Sometimes, you might delete data as part of a regular weekly requirement and need to restore it to solve a business problem.

Shire IT can implement software that keeps your entire businesses deleted files in the cloud for up to 30 days enabling you to retrieve it within that window and take action.

If you are worried about IT security in your business then why not get in touch with the local and professional team at Shire IT.

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